Monday, November 8, 2010

OMG I am one of Mom-101's Top 10 Bloggers

Okay, not really, but today Babble's top 50 Mommy bloggers list came out (shockingly, I was NOT on it) and even though she's on it, and even though the bloggers that did make it on it are awesome and deserving of their spot, of course Mom-101 wants to honor those of us that didn't make it on.  She may not have meant specifically me, but too late, I've got the badge now.

In no particular order, and with apologies to those most excellent bloggers who may not make this "top 10"+ list, I present some of my all-time favorite bloggers!

  1. For humor, all the time, even right after having twins for pete's sake, hard to top the beautiful Kelcey of The Mama Bird Diaries.
  2. Can't forget her co-horts on The Mouthy Housewives: Motherhood in NYC, Wendi Aarons, and Heather, Queen of Shake-Shake
  3. Jessica, Bernthis, of course, although the whole video thing throws me at work
  4. On a more local (non-mom) note, my next door neighbor at work just started a crafty blog, fluff and frivolity, and I found out another co-worker has a lovely food blog, One Scoop at a Time
  5. On the food, and controversial side, Kelly the Kitchen Kop is my go-to for all things on the "real food" front.
  6. Joy the Baker, yes, she is a delight
  7. There, I Fixed It, and CakeWrecks, 100% guaranteed to make you LOL
  8. There's men too...Backpacking Dad and David Lebowitz, to name just two in a sea of awesome boy bloggers
  9. Stimeyland, or Jean, who I got to hang with just a tiny bit at BlogHer, not enough, not enough
  10. Last, but in no way least, hard to categorize, beautiful, there is Darryle Pollack, I never signed up for this
Grab your own badge, and make your own list, I'd love to hear about it.


  1. Aw, thanks for putting me on your list. I am completely honored! I agree, not enough at BlogHer. Not enough anywhere.

  2. Just saw this. What a brilliant idea!