Sunday, November 7, 2010

Halloween Recap, Finally

Halloween was surprisingly fun this year.  The kids always enjoy it, but I really have not had a reason to dress up in years. This year I was invited to two parties, although one was a little depressing due to the whole couple's costume thing and me with no date, and my husband would not have dressed up anyway, although he's usually willing to go as a soccer player, quite the stretch.  The other was just a handful of fun people from work, and I was the scariest, although we did have a rapping Jesus, and the hostess pulled out her blond and shocking pink wig which this guys really rocked. 

just makeup

We were even invited to a couple kids' parties, which I would have loved to attend.  Sadly one was cancelled due to an injury, but the little guy seems to be doing fine.  The other conflicted with what we hope is not a once in a lifetime opportunity, the Earthquakes playoff game!  All my boys went to that while I whipped up a batch of jello shots and rumballs and headed over to my party, where I was simultaneously cast as vampire and Carrie, although I was supposed to be a zombie. 

me, zombified
The highlight of Halloween may have been my discovery of the cool online photo editing site Picnik, where I impressed one and all with my mad "halloweening" of co-workers, friends and kids alike.  We pinned the photos up at a staff meeting, and everyone wanted to bring their pictures home.  The saddest part was this is probably the highest praise I've achieved at work for months, not to mention the most excitement around the symbolic water cooler.

Of course no Halloween would be complete without the elementary school parade.  Keegan finally agreed to being a laundry basket, after a four year sales pitch, and Donovan switched his costume around several times, finally settling on skeleton pirate after stealing the hat and scope I was sporting to work on Friday. 

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