Wednesday, July 28, 2010

SV Moms Post: Tag In Front

Here's another old post from Silicon Valley Moms - when my boys were vewy little

UnderwearAt the PAMP potluck I ran into a woman who’d come to my playgroup a few times. Her son introduced my kids to the joys of balloon swords (pop two – get one free!) and she was relieved to hear her son’s underwear obsession was very common among little boys. Ever since my son started wearing underwear, he’s worn it backwards because he wants to see the picture. Well, I’ve met several little boys obsessed with underwear, but we were overjoyed that both of our kids also wear their underwear backwards.

When my nephew is visiting grandma calls the kids “tag in back J” and “tag in front K”. Grandma even bought him a set of 8 power rangers underwear with the pictures in front, but frankly the pictures were too small so he doesn’t wear them often.

Quick quiz- how to tell if you child is obsessed with underwear:

1) When someone asks how old he is, he says his age, followed by “I’ve got Power Ranger or [fill in the blank] underwear”

2) At Mervyn’s he bypasses the toy area and spends all his time admiring the underwear section

       3) Packing for a vacation consists of dumping the entire drawer of underwear in his suitcase.

4) He’s got a special pair of Nemo underwear for swimming

5) He has to change his swimming underwear if they get wet – oh, wait, that’s for fastidious kids who don’t like the water.

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  1. Very funny. We have the opposite problem with Jack--he prefers to go commando.