Monday, May 24, 2010

Find the Difference

My kids love those activity books, especially the mazes and the pictures where the dog has an extra left ear or green collar or something. Today you get to play along. Take a close look at the two photos, and see if you can spot the difference. Hint, the second dog is missing something.
Photo 1

Photo 2

Got it? If you guessed the second dog has no cojones, er, means to make new babies, you are correct.

Let me introduce you to Tiro del Gol Luke Zac Sherry Lee Skinner Pelton (translation goal shot plus our middle names plus my maiden name). Nickname "Smoothie" what with is mix of breeds. He was the only guy at the shelter who was labeled "cross-breed" - they could not even hazard a guess as to his mix. He's just a bit over 20 pounds, Brian's first little dog. He's been wanting a new one since Pele died, and the kids really wanted a little one. He is a cutie, but seems to have gotten a second wind and just keep clicking his little nails around the house. Think daddy needs to rock him to sleep.

Poor guy has to wear a cone all week and keeps running into things. He's about 8 months old so no accidents or chewing most likely, but so far he's tried to eat a a balloon and we found him walking around with a pen in his mouth

This was taken with the iPhone Hipstamatic app, which I now cannot get enough of. Think I'm going to need to buy more options.

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