Friday, November 13, 2009

Boo hoo to Ice Cream

Look at the artistic display of yumminess. Four little scoops of cookies at cream ice cream, a swirl of chocolate with sprinkles and just the tiniest squirts of whipped cream. All this at a Thai restaurant, brought with a flourish after we had declined dessert. Sweet, huh?

Not to my kids, it just made them cry. We happen to be near one of their favorite frozen yogurt places, and the world's meanest mommy, who had also forced them to do homework, eat chicken and broccoli and buy a used robot book instead of a brand spanking new $25 one, changed her mind about the yogurt when this arrived. I guess I deserved the mean looks.

I was mortified, having one bawling child who said he did like that kind of ice cream, just frozen yogurt better, and why did the guy bring it after we'd told him no dessert? Donovan tried to strike a deal, after proclaiming he did not like cookie ice cream. "I'll try it, but then you HAVE to get us frozen yogurt."

I told my husband, next week he gets to make all the dinners and tell the kids to do their homework. I'll take 'em to In 'n Out and play Guitar Hero.

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