Saturday, October 31, 2009

Ghost Cake

I started back at work this week, and I'm sure my group is happy to have my marketing skills, not to mention I'm the only one who can provide an unlimited supply of small children stories. What they miss the most, though, is being the taste testers for all my baking experiments. My buddy loves her some red velvet cupcakes, and I used the new food blog search to find this recipe from Andreas Recipes. All the red velvet cake recipes seem to be similar, although I've made marscapone-whipped cream based frosting, cooked frosting (which is incredibly light due to the 15 minute beating time), and this one from Andrea which is simply butter, cream cheese, sour cream (I used full fat greek yogurt) and powdered sugar. Next up is a side to side taste test of the two frostings.

Isn't it a pretty color? This was 2 oz of Wilsons no-taste red food coloring. I put the whole jar in since I used extra cocoa. I like the addition of coffee instead of water to dissolve the cocoa and coloring. I also loved reading all the Red Velvet cake controversy. I also have it on good authority that Red Velvet since to be the choice for the most serious of cake wrecks.

Even with all the mixing I still ended up with this tie-dyed look, although the last two were perfect. Yes, I cooked two trays of ghosts, then one tray with two lonely ghosts.

Friendly, tasty ghosts.

Happy Halloween!!

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  1. Wow, these are so cute! I'm always looking for cute cake if only I could bake ;0)