Thursday, August 6, 2009

Fantasy World

My fantasies...job I like that pays the bills, house within walking distance of school, Prius, less crap in the house and more sex.

My sons' latest fantasy...a job driving a stretch HumVee. Actually the back of the car discussion included being able to drive at any age, cars costing 25 cents for a 1000 and free HumVees and Smart Cars. Ah, to be young and worry-free.

The kids have been obsessed with HumVees lately. First we had to track down a photo, which brought up only the original army vehicles until I actually realized how to spell the civilian version. The day after their obsession started we ended up in San Francisco. My sister's neighborhood in Dallas probably has about 5 on her street alone, but we were SOL in the friendly Divisidero block. We've seen a few more lately, then they suddenly added limos to their little fantasy world, and I described the ugly but strangely fascinating stretch hummer (less raunchy than you'd think) and alas we spotted one on the way home yesterday.

I am so over answering the question of why people buy HumVees (because they have a small penis is just not an appropriate answer, although it would bring much amusement). I feel a little bad, saying it's to show off how much money someone has, or because they feel small. I finally confessed there might be some who actually drive off road in deserted areas and may need the cool features. On the other hand if they want to start earning money as limo drivers when they are old enough I'm all over that. I'm certainly not buying them their first car.

I leave you with these future drivers, fresh from the less studly bowling alley with their fake gold rings.

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