Sunday, April 26, 2009

Embarrasing Moment #287

Silicon Valley Moms is having a book club again, and although I'm still waiting for my book, think I got the spirit of it by reading a few of my fellow SV Moms' posts.

You're a recent divorcee, having dated the same guy though college, so you are making up for this by turning into a party gal. It helps that you're an engineer so have a lot of guy friends, not to mention losing 20 pounds from the stress of that last year of marriage. You're not exactly proud, but are racking up the notches as a single gal and keep a spare set of clothes in your trunk at all times.

It's your birthday and you mosey into to work around 11am, nothing like getting an early start. Someone invites you to lunch, and you nearly refuse since you've only put in half an hour of work, but what the heck. Since you may be book smart, but not so much in the common sense department, you think upon walking into the restaurant, all your co-workers are there, but there's no room at the table, shitheads. Then you spot the balloon. It's a surprise birthday lunch, hooray.

It's been such a fun day, and it's just gotten better. One of the guys you hang with, think is great, but for some reason has not made a move, asks you to dinner for your birthday. It's so exciting you call up a girlfriend to share the news. She seems excited for you and you put on something super sexy, do you hair and are ready for a night on the town. He picks you up, and you walk into the restaurant, only to find, yes, the gang waiting again, surprise! Crap. I mean, what great friends you have, and what a rockin' night they have planned, with lots and lots of drinking thank goodness.

Dinner is wonderful, the next bar is wonderful in your drunken glory, and at the third stop, you break down in tears. Pitiful. Embarrassing. Your girlfriend makes some excuse, and even your own brain tries to convince you it's just too many surprises in one day. You find out they'd even discussed your excitement over what you thought was a date, egads. You just can't figure out why this guy won't jump your bones and keep trying. Many embarrassing and awkward moments follow with said guy, even once sharing a bed as "just friends", except in your fantasy. He finally ends up marrying the girl he knows from the other side of the country who he insisted was just a friend. You are much hotter and younger than her, so looks like you win.


  1. I love the honesty of your post! It's great. I'm sorry you haven't yet received the book, please let me know if you don't get it over the next couple days. Also, part of the reason I wrote the book in the second person was because I found it much easier to tell the truth with a bit of distance. Your post made me remember that perspective is everything. You definitely win.

  2. ... and x years later, having met Mr. Right and having had 2 great kids, you KNOW you've won! Great post!

  3. You totally win.

    I can't believe they all talked about how you thought it was a date. That's horrible.

  4. oh i could feel your pain...i experienced a few disappointments like that myself. glad that life is better now!