Thursday, March 26, 2009

Eat this, Verizon

I admit, I laughed a little at some of the posts I've read dissing commercials. They're just commercials, how serious should we be taking them? To me a lot are pretty stupid but I confess I've totally cried at some of the sweeter McDonald's (I know) or baby commercials, and not just when I was pregnant, and I've definitely laughed at some, particularly those awesome British ones. I've never been too annoyed at any, I save those for the real people I run across who make comments on a school tour like "and sometimes the dads come in to talk about science" (note to self, get over it already).

But there is a new one for the Verizon "hub" that brought me over the edge. The first incarnation is awesome, hot guy checks on traffic, then texts his wife to tell her to take the parkway, all while drinking orange juice from the comfort of his lovely kitchen. The next one, have you seen it? Mom finds a recipe for Paella, sends this to the family, and snotty teen responds he has no idea what palela is and he's certainly not eating it. So what does she do? Tell him to make his own dinner? Nah, orders a pizza as a backup plan, all from that cool phone.

I'm probably overly sensitive right now, as at least twice a day I vow to start making only food that I like and let the family eat it or starve. My younger son starts most meals with "I've had this before, I don't like it," as a response to my more adventerous cooking. My kids are 5 and 6 and if they don't like what we're having they don't have to eat it, but I've stopped making them something else. They actually end up liking much of it and they can even grab an apple or cheese, but somehow that effort is too much.

So from a mom perspective, I really hate this ad, although I don't think it's going to make anyone start catering to their kids every whim. From a marketing perspective, on the other hand, I'm impressed with the new strategy. As one who has gotten rid of our land line I commend them for giving people a new reason to get a home phone. Don't count on selling me one with that commercial, though.

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  1. I'm dealing with this issue of dinner right now too-

    speaking of food- just wanted to say thanks (delayed about a year) for a great comment you posted on a DC Metro Moms post I did-

    I just linked you- thanks again!