Monday, February 23, 2009

Anti-aging advice in a comfy chair

Now that I'm a mom of leisure, or in other words, not bringing in a paycheck with a full-time job, I'm all over ways to get free lunch and gift certificates, which is what Skin Spirit and Cubes & Crayons was offering this week. Actually, I've heard so much about Cubes & Crayons through my SV Mommy blogging friends I thought it would be a great opportunity to check in out in case I do ever need a nice place to work and get childcare. The verdict? I want to know where they got those awesome chairs with the little desk attachment, so need that for my house. It was a nice place, and the Mountain View location is totally convenient to my house with lots of parking, I just need some freelance work to justify joining.

Skin Spirit was there to tell us about the non-surgical anti-aging treatments that are available and that they provide. It's an interesting place, a spa that's also a medical facility. I went there once when I wanted some quickie laser treatments for my high school reunion and my dermatologist was out of town. It's a great atmosphere and don't charge a premium just because they are a spa, although they did tell me about way more expensive treatments that would help my facial "issues." I know there is nothing wrong with taking care of yourself, and I've probably done more for my skin over that last few years than ever before - and have to say at 40 the time and $ I've spent on my face and hair are paying off. However, those investments pale in comparison to botox, fillers, thermage (ooh, I'm coveting that as I see my profile look more an more like my moms), and latisse (mmm...longer, lashes).

One thing I've learned, and was reminded of Friday, is that if you want the benefits of retin A or other elements in your lotions, you must have a prescription grade. I'm suspecting I could do something more for my face, and really need some better sunscreen, so thinking about using my free time for a complimentary assessment. I just need an iPhone application to make sure I don't spend much over my gift certificate.


  1. Yes, I'm all about the free lunches right now, too. (Hubs unemployed going on four months now.)

    I've heard about Cubes and Crayons from my SVMoms sistahs, too, and have to say it sounds really intriguing, though not geographically desirable for me.

    Good luck with your job hunt!

  2. Great, informative post!

    And on the Thermage of my friends just did that and (looks both ways and lowers voice) your money.

    But you didn't hear it from me!

    :^) Anna