Monday, December 22, 2008

Snow Vacation Day One Recap

We landed in Salt Lake City yesterday, and before we even went into the house to see grandma the kids had jumped in the snow. The did allow me to put their coats and mittens on at least after giving grandma a hug before we were off again, rolling around, face diving, and making pitiful snowballs with the very dry but fluffy stuff.

Here are a few more stats from day one:
  1. Fights over the single pair of boots: 1
  2. Times they've asked to go skiing, snowboarding or skating: 15
  3. Fevers, no doubt from playing in the snow wearing pj bottoms, boots, t-shirt and scarf only: 1
  4. Mugs of Kona coffee I've drunk: 2, yum! (courtesy of world's best employee)
  5. Smashed fingers from playing pool: 2
  6. Cups of gourmet extra special hot cocoa the kids have rejected for "being too rich" (but I've drunk with peppermint schnapps): 2

My MIL, who was one of the top caterers in Utah for the longest time, has this bowl of cocoa mix consisting of rich good cocoa powder, chopped up dark chocolate and peppermint, and sugar. You fill a mug halfway with this chocolately goodness and fill the cup with boiling water or milk, yum!

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  1. Oh, the cocoa sounds incredibly delicious!