Thursday, November 20, 2008

Win an Epson Printer..and that's not all

Hey there,

Head on over to Silicon Valley Moms Blog and you can win an Epson printer. From what I've read, it is totally awesome. And yes, this post gives me a second chance, but it also gives you a chance, so we both win (okay, we can't both win, but you know what I mean.).

And don't forget to check back all day tomorrow (Nov. 21) as it's Diversity Topic Day. I've got a post and I'm betting there is going to be some great ones from all the cities.

And one more thing, I'm finally starting a review blog. Yes, I'm joining the blogwagon (ha!) and will kick it off with an awesome giveaway. I'll let you know here when it shows up there. See the video below for a subtle hint.

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