Friday, November 21, 2008

I used to hang with the cool kids

I've known two people who've been on game shows, that is just how famous I am. 'Course these weren't exactly the Price is Right, or Wheel of Fortune, which I used to love before they just went to cash prizes and you could no longer buy those couches and TVs with your hard earned winnings. We used to wonder if they had these minimum and maximum intelligent levels for each game show, I'll leave you to guess who'd be on Jeapordy and who would "spin the big wheel."

No, my college roommate was on the short-lived and likely seldom-watched MTV's Remote Control, and when she lost we laughed and laughed. I still remember the final question before she was ousted - I can't remember the wording exactly but something like "The round little noodle shaped like an 'o' " and she answered "tortellini" making her sound like a total elitist snob and at the same time a bit dirty in the way she said it. God we laughed, but it was mostly dumb luck that made her lose.

My other wicked-smart friend nearly won, you got it, Ben Stein's Money. He's seriously one of the smartest guys I've ever known (Armando, I don't know Ben Stein) and we were so bummed he didn't win. That was one of the best game shows ever!

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