Saturday, October 25, 2008

Candidate Descriptions by my Four Year Old

First a disclaimer, my kids are total Obama fans. They are even bigger fans of Grandpa who is, coincidentally, also an Obama fan, and might be dismayed to have heard one say "you can be Grandpa!" while pointing to a McCain mask in a costume isle.

They watched a little of the debate the other day and my mom was excited to hear how Donovan described Obama vs. McCain: "He's the one with the short hair." He actually shows us how short while saying this, too cute.

Just now I think he heard some blurb at the presidential race on TV. I am so bummed my husband has the camera so I couldn't get this on videotape.

Obama and McCain are going to race. Obama is going to be here (he runs
to the far end of the room) and McCain here (he goes back to the near
end). Obama is going to win. Obama runs like this (his patented slow
motion run/walk thing) and Obama runs like this (cartoon-type running, super
fast but not actually going anywhere, then manages to get half way across the
room, goes "pppt" and falls on the floor).

I sure hope his prediction comes true.

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