Friday, September 12, 2008

Swag and More Swag

I've got two more Blogher08 posts to write. One has been sitting draft mode ferrever, waiting for me to finish all the links for the awesome people I met, cards I collected and cool new businesses. Before I publish that, I wanted to give a shout out to some of the most swagalicious goodies I got there. Part of my "real" job is buying swag and customer gifts, but it's a little different than what you find in the consumer world. Nobody is going to buy one of our multi-million dollar tools because of the light-up ball or green laser pointer we gave them, but it's nice to do and they are fun to buy, but not nearly as fun as the type of swag you can get at a consumer conference. We has a serious number of sponsors.

There was lots and lots of little ittle cute baby stuff, which I immediately passed on to Lia to donate to a worthy cause. Oh, but I so wanted to keep the mod mum sling, it was so sweet. I just hope if I ever do have another baby (highly doubtful) I hope someone will pass on one of those slings. I gave my Wati dresses and cute hair clips to Carmen of Mom to the Screaming Masses, who has like a boatload of girls while I have, roughly, none. I'm teaching my boys to braid my hair.

This was my absolute favorite thing, the Lands End canvas beach bag. I bring it to the pool, to the park, camping, and unfortunately to a conference so now I must retrieve it as I had to leave it full of goodies. It is awesome, stands up with not problem, holds towels and has pockets for change and goggles and cell phones.

I also really liked the soft cosmetic bag from Saks. It was full of goodies which I've hardly touched. We did get a laugh out of the fact that my roommie, 10 years younger, got the cooling cream (Deep Cooling Body Lotion). But turns out I got it too, and I've used it. No hot flashes yet, but the heat wave in Northern CA is killing me.

I really plan to use the password organizer and busy body book, but seems I'm too busy to get myself organized so that I'm less busy. I've used the BBB before, but hoping the new password organizer will prevent the calls from husband - can you take care of this? I don't know the password.
Really, a big thank you to all the sponsors, and all the folks behind the scenes who helped us get all this wonderful stuff.

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  1. Yeah, I passed over my menopause cream to my MIL. She used it during the heat waves and loved it.

    The Lands End bag was my fave. It has become THE pool bag for the summer.