Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The Week in Libations... and some food

I swear it took me until Monday evening to finally rid myself of feeling tired all the time. Much like my husband - snap. Anyway, perhaps it was the 16 hour days leading up to my actual working conference, or the back-to-back conferences. But I suspect it was actually the heavy drinking that somehow entered my life last week, more than my usual swigs of vodka from the freezer glass or two of wine a few times of week. I tried to limit myself to wine or vodka, but I think that just prevents puking.

  • Tuesday night - champagne, followed by a shared expensive bottle of red wine, mmm, excellent with soft shelled crabs and quail.

  • Wednesday night - two kamikaze's - totally not my fault, how can you not order a drink from a bar made of ice, seriously. Probably should not have combined that with sushi, dim sum, fries, mini cheeseburgers, chocolate fondue and chai - ugh.

  • Thursday night - two lemon drops, plus there was that weird gin drink, although I barely tasted that. Mushroom tarts and beef on a stick to die for.

  • Friday night - hmm, white wine, then a cosmo, followed by two melontinis, and that was it, I swear, but more food and not enough water obviously.

  • Saturday night - combinations of tiny drinks that should never have occurred: jasmine drink, champagne, red wine, Starbucks banana chocolate smoothie (ick), vodka/white chocolate, and then a rose since they weren't allowing red wine on the furniture level. Yes, it was a progressive party at Macy's, oddly enough. One of my favorite places to shop, but not necessarily party, plus my buds were leaving that night or already gone.

Sadly enough, I slept so well those nights, and could not sleep at all last night, back in my own cozy bed with my snugly little boy beside me. I feel like I'm in withdrawal, so I had a glass of wine tonight and slept right through the book reading, even with same boy crawling all over me.


  1. The drinking life is a hard one ... but everything worthwhile is struggle! Cheers and easy on the fruity-tinis -- they are the worst in the end.

  2. Oh, I feel a headache coming on just reading this! I hope you enjoyed the parties. That's the most important part.

  3. Ohhh, your poor liver. You need to give it a hug and a kiss and leave it ALONE! for a few days. LOL.

    Oh I am so sad I didn't get to go, I would have had a BLAST there! Next year I am so there.


  4. You are my kind of girl!! And does keeping vodka in the freezer really make a difference?

  5. OMG totally - only way to drink vodka shots. And when you have kids you don't have time to use your cute little martini shaker, find ice and mixers and then risk spilling your drink before you finish it :)