Monday, July 21, 2008

BlogHer 08 Ass Backwards

Edited to add - A few links, okay 2.

Starting with the last night of BlogHer08, once again my roommie deserted me, claiming they missed their kids - those first time mommies (hi Robyn, give that kid a kiss for me). So what does that mean to me? Well, I'm not shacking up with no elevator guy, that's for sure. Although it was a bit tempting what with the 56 bags of McDonald's he was carrying up (okay, fess up, which blogher after party was that for? Never mind, here it is).
So what does one do when one has a hotel room all to herself - well, I leave all my crap on the other bed, take a bath, and prove I am indeed a bit of an idiot when I go to turn the air conditioner off. The whole weekend, I'm thinking why on earth is the air conditioner on? But my hotel-mate was warm so I just snuggled up under the loverly comforter. Turns out that cold whooshing sound was an open window - doh! Eight stories up, no screen, I shut that thing toot sweet lest I tumble out.

Before lounging around watching Space Cowboys, I went to the Closing Reception, where I didn't win a purse, but got my new book signed by a ton of superstar bloggers. danced with a fun chickie and listened to some political talk by some savvier bloggers than moi (will have to add links once I go through my 400 business cards.)
I had a lot of fun this weekend, getting to meet some new people, chatting with old buddies and eating and drinking my way to several hangovers. I have to say the most fun was the Sesame Street room, which contained these yummy cupcakes a lot more snacks. Maybe it's because I felt closer to my kids in this friendly environment, and less like I was failing at getting to know people, wanting just to go up to my room and read. Working on getting my personalized video up here, but suffice it to say my kids had so much fun watching me chat with Abby Cadabby, waving to her, wondering whether she was real and why I didn't talk to Bert.
Another highlight was the two makeovers, one at Saks courtesy of the Silicon Valley Moms Blog and then BareMinerals at BlogHer itself, which totally ruined my plan to spend no money (and I think I could have gotten a better deal online).
Stay tuned as I go backward, and discuss my Slide wound in lurid detail.


  1. Every time I leave the house, Darius keeps demanding that I meet Elmo this time.

    Send me an email for how much I owe you for the room, k?

  2. It was nice meeting you, however briefly, at BlogHer. I totally identify with your post about libations...I need a few days of detox now! (My problem is those international flights with all that free booze!--as long as you don't fly United or AA, that is.)

    Looking forward to reading more of your adventures...