Thursday, July 3, 2008

Insert Hilarious Hair Pun Here

I keep wondering if Jaclyn Smith needs a couple shots of tequila to wash out the 317 hair puns she's forced to use on the new reality show Shear Genius. Get it - Shear, the show is a cut above, really. Okay, it's just filler until I can get my Project Runway fix, or until they do their Charlie's Angels episode. I do have a weakness for silly hairstyle contests. The most awesome was a movie called Blow Dry - as funny as any Christopher Guest mockumentary IMHO, all of which I also love and could (and have) watch over and over.

And all this blather is simply a prelude to mah own fabuloso new style. 'Course I'd need a flat iron and a lot more time and patience than I have to achieve this look, but I cannot stop obsessing over my new do.

Here's my new look - yes, I took a lot of pictures, some right at the hairdressers.

And this is what my hair normally looks like - well, when I put some effort in.


  1. Cute! Mine is flat and has no natural body or curl. Long ago, I used to perm it. Now I've, well, given up.