Saturday, May 17, 2008

I'm Off

Tomorrow I leave for a week away at a conference. I'm looking forward to it, even though I'll have to work most of the week, not to mention doing my best not to fall asleep in technical talks going way over my head. Eh, there will be good food and team building, which I actually enjoy, unlike so many cermudgeons at my company.

I'm going to miss my kids terribly, and my husband too, but remembering the week he was away, I feel only a little bad for dad. He can totally handle it, although I did stock up on food for the family and as you can tell, here I am up in the wee hours packing, cleaning, doing dishes and of course watching TV and blogging, what else? Hmm... I don't seem to recall my husband doing anything before he leaves on his trips. At least it's FINALLY cooling off.

So I may or may not be blogging over the week, but I will to come up with a few tidbits for SV Moms, so head on over there to read.

Howdy Ho Y'all! I'll be wearing cowboy boots on a mechanical bull Wednesday night, three guesses where I'll be.

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