Friday, May 23, 2008

Hooked on Wii - and Embarrasing Fitness Story

I went to Citymama's Nintedo Wii party last year and was all - this is a really cool video game, but I'm still not getting one. We don't NEED video games, not matter how awesome they are, and frankly my the soccer/pokemon addicts I live with do not need something else to obsess about.

Enter the Wii Fit. I WANT it. I have become the Wii fit justification master. Thank you Stefania, for another totally awesome party, which indeed had drinks even though it was technically an active party ("wear clothes to workout"). Nothing like pushups and side planks after a margarita. Let me just say right now that I've have several rum and cokes before composing this post.

In honor of her contest, I will share my embarrassing stories. I've done the equipment - the "crotchersizer" which my husband scored for $100 and I will admit helped me when it lowered my blood sugar with only 10 minutes night when I had gestational diabetes. The funniest thing was my mom, who can barely make it up a few stairs, was stunned that she managed to do this thing for 30 minutes straight. Turns out she was just rocking her feet back and forth. I've also bought several giant exercise balls, fun for kids of all ages.

Farting in the gym, please. It's a rare day when that doesn't happen, what on earth do people do to prevent that on a treadmill? Let me in on the secret. Step class - yes, I am the one in the back who trips, looks up to see the whole class turned around with a concerned look. "Are you OK?" "Yes, I'm fine, really, this happens all the time." And that inability to say no to a cute guy.... "Wanna go mountain biking?" "Sure" - I'll just ignore the fact that I've been high on LSD and have hardly slept all night, I'm sure I'll do fine.

My most embarrassing story, was the tapes. Yes, I've bought several sets of exercise tapes. Best ever was Sports Illustrated models with their three sets of exercises. They just looked so hot in their leotards, and I could too. What on earth was I thinking? I did use them, right out of college I believe. Not sure if I actually got anything out of them but I did have fun. This was back in the 90's so I can't even find a link.

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