Saturday, April 12, 2008

I Can Change a Tire Without Breaking a Nail

That's right, I know how to dial AAA. Okay, I have changed a tire, and my oil, even given my old beater a tune-up, but really, these days that's not what's going to feed my kids or keep them healthy. Parent Bloggers Network wants to know what we can do as well as any man out there. Well, quite a bit, man, I took auto mechanics and have an engineering degree, what can't I do? Given this, you'd think I'd be more into cars, but I don't mind the occasional dent and can barely get past looking under the hood anymore. What I can do is sign up for Ask Patty's new MyCarPage feature, a personalized website for your vehicle. I'm also not afraid of spiders, although I have screamed "like a girl" when I had to pick up a disemboweled rodent, eeewww. And I could also give you the "easy" answer here, which is I earn the big bucks in the family. Yes, folks, I go to work when the kids are sick or there's an in school service day. But I don't even think that's a typically male role anymore.

But what I really pride myself on doing, especially when daddy's out of town, is the guys method of playing with the kids. I don't stick to red light/green light or checking my email while they play pirate on the play structure. Well, sometimes I do. But I'm also out there kicking that soccer ball around, having sword fights and rolling around in the grass. Sure my five year old can now beat me at the ball, but I'm trying my darnedest. Not to mention wrestling on the couch, racing cars, telling dirty jokes, and drinking sparkling water and burping, although I might grab the camera when we start to laugh hysterically. I draw the line at watching soccer games all day, but I can be an energetic and silly substitute in a pinch.


  1. that is a cute photo, kids having fun

  2. You've got me beat on several points. I bow down to your prowess!