Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Project Runway - semi-live blogging...

Project Runway - recap from a totally non-fashionista.

Jillian - loved them all, but not really out there, wild. Too wearable? I wouldn't know an identifiable signature if it smacked me in the face.

Is it just me, or did Rami's models look exceptionally bored? Or, as my husband put it, the hair on her looks better than the thing she's wearing. I didn't even notice the woven before, but the end dresses - pretty pretty. I mean, lovely, let me get the terms straight.

Aack, the necks, I'm choking on my own fierceness? His were definitely the most couture I guess, totally unwearable. And then there was black, black, and more black, whew!
But at least they weren't weird pink and blue colors.

Hard and soft - he's nervous, not "fierce," or "major" as Ms. Soccer says.

I'd vote for the whiner Jillian, but I do still miss Chris. The music during the discussion is so weird. Like a phone left off the hook, if we had phones like that anymore.

OMG, who's gonna win???
Updated... Eh, Jillian's out, so much for my views. Surprise (not) Christian won!! Good for him, and his fierceness. Now if I only was 5' 10" and a size 0 I could totally bid on the clothes.

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