Tuesday, December 18, 2007

The Numbness is Wearing Off

This sounds like a profound title, huh? Well, it's simply the truth. I went into the dentist today as my toof has been super sensitive, can barely eat those Trader Joes Belgium Chocolate with caramel filling, oh the horrors. Hot coffee, cold martinis? Forget about it. So I go in to find out I need a root canal - damn! And before Christmas so he gets me in today. Whoop! Fortunately I have a super great guy and there is hardly any pain. Or unfortunately, as that means no good drugs for me. I remember my first one when I took a codeine and the pain would JUST NOT GO AWAY. Advice from dear old mom? - have a drink. But, uh, won't that put me into a coma (says my dramatic self)? Nah, not if you just have one pill, one drink. I slept for hours and the pain was gone. Ah, the single life. Now I'm at work as it's more relaxing than home with the boys. I will pick up burritos so I don't have to cook, though. TTFN


  1. Aaaaww that is painful. hope you feel better.

  2. Glad you are feeling better...yeah I love Trader Joes chocolate bars...I think it's the hazelnut that I really LOVE...

  3. Hope everything goes well~