Thursday, December 6, 2007

I'm going with my gut next time

Some former coworkers were planning a happy hour, I wanted to go. It was also the night I need to come home early from work, and since my boss was in Japan the crises seem to be happening after four. So I asked if he'd drop the kids off at my parents. He was reluctant to drive from all the way up there than a long drive back to work, but he agreed.

Then the happy hour was cancelled, I learned I didn't need to come home as early as I thought, and I can work from home, so with the rain, I figured I should just come home. But my mom had other ideas, she would pick the kids up. Seems she'd bought dinner and had all this stuff for them to do. Hmm... I could work in peace, go to the grocery, maybe even start some holiday cookies. All she need to do was be there by 4:30, but some serious miscommunication meant a phone call from hubby at 4:35 wondering who was coming. I rushed home, my mom and I talked and she still wanted to come. By now it's dark, rainy and the traffic is hell. Who wants to drive in that?

Well, lesson learned. Fender bender on the way home - noone hurt, but instead of a couple fun hours at Grandma and Grandpas they spent the time out on the road. Bummer.

We will not overreact, we will not overreact. Thanks for letting me get that off my chest.


  1. Oh no! How about some Laptop Television therapy: put the kids to bed, pour a glass of wine, park it on the couch, turn on some trashy TV, take a deep breath, and RELAX.

  2. Excellent. It was Kahlua and a 2 hour The Closer holiday special - excellent. I did keep my clothes on (as opposed to jammies :) and didn't have a drink until the kiddos were safely home in case I had to go pick 'em up. They were home safe by 9pm, after bedtime but who's counting?