Friday, December 7, 2007

Getting My Act Together

I'm not a big music person (much to hubby's dismay), but I ran out of TALs and Wait Wait podcasts and set my iPod on shuffle. The first song that came on turned out to be one of my workout playlist warm-up songs from, sheesh, a million or so years ago. Excellent song, btw, with these great lyrics:

"say, Girl you're hotter than hinge hanging a off the gates of hell"


"make 'em leave my boots on when they lay me into the ground"

This reminded me, maybe I should finally get my act together and start working out. I've been in a total funk for a while now, with odd pains, crap happening at work, one of my sons complaining endlessly about everything the other clinging to me like barnacle and totally dissing dad. My last job had very little work for a while, so it's hard to get back in the swing of things, but I'm really trying to have a good attitude about this new one. It came about purely due to some major reorgs.

Unfortunately exercise doesn't give me any sort of endorphin rush (this fascinates my exercise-loving hubby), but at least I feel better about myself. Good TV, on the other hand, makes me laugh out loud so I'm not giving that up.

I think it's time to get on with life - accept the apartment, the job, the kids (okay, those are easy to accept :) and focus on getting some exercise, stop eating chocolate after 10pm and take care of my feet. Oddly holidays usually culminate in my gloom, too many extremes and demands, but we're off to Oregon for a whole week with just the four of us and that should be really fun.

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