Monday, November 5, 2007

So cute, and they tasted yummy

Okay, I'm way late for my Halloween recap, but later posts will tell you why, I swear. Here are the day old jack-o-lanterns, which my husband pretty much carved single-handedly for his lazy family.

First we had the YMCA party, which included free pumpkin fraps from Starbucks and a haunted house so scary the little guy dropped his playdough.

Here's K's most excellent after-school care teacher handing out ping pong balls to these adorable fierce Storm Troopers Clone Troopers for the mock goldfish toss.

Check out the "break the balloon with a body part" game. Guess which body part they spun?

Here's D in the donut eating contest. He took over for his older brother who's taste buds can't handle sweets without chocolate.

We leave the Storm Troopers behind for the next party, a mom's club ones that's always a crowded nightmare blast. How cute is this puppy. What you can't see is how short the legs are. Yes, D opted for his ebay dalmatian costume from 2 years ago. They just could not decide what to wear, so I stuck everything in a bag and sent them over to grandmas to decide. I am so not getting any new costumers next year.

For some reason I keep attempting rolled and shaped sugar cookies. I made a decent batch for camping and left them in the car. Score 1 for the office. What you see below (to the left, duh) is the best of a night and a day of baking. Considering what other moms brought, not sure why they didn't use mine. Score 2 for the office. And they still tasted good, some people like them crunchy, really.

A historic event here. The very first time D actually sat down and did a craft at this party. I asked him ahead of time if he wanted to do a project or just run around madly in his puppy costume. He chose the latter, but did stop just long enough to put stickers on a pumpkin.

I hope everyone had a Happy Halloween. We chose to trick-or-treat with a buddy in our neighborhood, where I believe we made up about 85% of the kid out there, but these guys didn't care. They had a blast. And yes, that's costume # 3 if you were keeping track.

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