Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Ode to Parts or Can five year olds suffer from anxiety?

With my deepest appreciation, and apologies, to the genius Tedd Arnold, author of the hilarious children's book Parts.

I just don't know what's going on
Or why it has to be?
But every day it's something worse
What's happening to him?

I think it was three days ago
I first became aware.
That with that sulking tone of his
Arose a glinting stare

I stared right back
Disturbed, dismayed, too concerned to speak.
To think that he was only five
And stressing from, who me?

Then later on, when it was time.
We have to leave for school.
I was mean and he was tired
I'm sorry that's the rule.

He clung, he sobbed, he whined and then
He chased me out the door.
Thanks goodness for the teacher
I can't take any more.

Next day when were were outside playing,
Hey lets ride your bikes!
He saw where we were headed
And again voiced his dislike.

And at the park, instead of fun
He chose to hide away
He was upset, (when) I did not help
Was there nothing I could say?

Then yesterday before his bath
As I took off his clothes
I once again was made to feel
I'd tortured him (down) to his toes

Now I'm really worried
I'm as scared as I can be
'Cause finally what's happening
Okay, is not clear to me

My sweet son is growing up
Anxious to the core
Are more hugs the answer?
Or should I just walk out the door

I'm sure that this is normal
Though it would be good to hear.
We'll make it through with talks and toys
And hugs and lots of beer.

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  1. Nicole,
    You really are BRILLIANT! I loved this post and can relate. my 4 year old has the same issue of gettin' moody all of a sudden. I was writing it off as being a girl and preparing myslef for when she became menstural - ugH! But now I am thinking it could be more. Let's grab a martini and stew on that!