Thursday, November 22, 2007

I guess they don't need me anymore

My babies are growing up, they washed each other's hair. Even with just a photo I think you can tell he's not screaming, like he does with mommy.

I've got one son who hates baths, but if I can get him in he usually has fun and finally manages to get through with limited screaming and help.

Son 2 is totally addicted to baths, but only to play. If he had his way he'd never have to wash his hair or body. So here we have the solution, they are washing each other. Cute and helpful.

Of course the next day I had to hear "I hate baths" another 16 times, as well as back to the hair washing scream. Only to hear a mere 8 hours later "can we all take a bath together?" referring to a requested communal cousin bath. What the heck? Kept them occupied while we ate leftover pie.

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