Sunday, October 21, 2007

The Tech Museum - Innovate This

I took advantage of the free 2nd Sunday at the Tech Museum the other day. I'd been a number of times, including for a evening party and courtesy of my company, who donated an RTP machine, but the kids had never been. Big advantage of going to a museum not really geared for little guys means it doesn't get that crowded. Of course I do have a fellow parent to thank for telling me when the non-crowded times were and providing motivation to my butt in gear in the morning as we thought she and her son would be there. I know I need to take them over to an even more child-friendly museum, but haven't yet got the nerve to browse the wares with two active boys by my lonesome quite yet. They had load of fun...

...creating a puppet show, whoop!

scanning our thumbprints to get into the secret spy room.

bobsledding baby and playing a little hockey.

I'm not sure I really saved money by going on a free weekend, but what the heck?

Parking - $5 with validation

Museum - FREE!Lunch - $17 (including an awesome salad)

Space Toys for kids to share - $19

Having your son answer "the toys" [from the store] in answer to "What was your favorite part of the museum?" - priceless

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