Thursday, October 18, 2007

The Other Side of Customer Service

Wow, with all the crappy customer service we seem to run into these days, thought I'd just share how awesome Apple help was. I called with an issue and the guy was initially stumped, never had seen that problem before. Rather than hemming and hawing while he hoped I'd just give up (company IT, anyone?) he asked if we could try some standard troubleshooting. No luck, and even though he suspected it was probably an AT&T (Cingular was on my good list, btw, as is Aetna health insurance) problem, we tried a few more things "just in case." He then said he could transfer me over there ("might take a few minutes"), if I didn't mind. Alas we got the other person and he said he wanted to stay on "just in case it was his problem after all" - holy cow. I was shocked. AT&T took care of the issue, he got off, all is well. Boring post, I know, but glad to know there are still some good ones out there.

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