Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Show me the breasts

I'm going pink for breast cancer awareness month, in honor of the fighting survivors out there. And I'm going all breast to fight for truth, justice and the American boob, with the powerful League of Maternal Justice. I'm not breastfeeding, and sadly I have no photos of me mit boob in mouth so to speak, so I'm posting the closest I could find, as well as the "Boob Montage" - ain't it grand, I mean, boobtastic?

I wish I had a baby now to breastfeed, I would love to get myself kicked out of restaurants, airlines, stores and other "inappropriate" places to feed your child. I'm pretty oblivious, I have to say, so I probably never noticed any stares I may have drew. The only time I got a disapproving glare was from a group of Mormons in the visitor center of Mount Rushmore in Rapid City. My husband, who spent many years in Utah, pointed out that they were Mormons, and I thought of all people they would approve. I've heard that birthing rooms in their home, where their older children get to experience the birth of all those siblings. Nope, supposed to keep all that stuff at home. I remember breastfeeding in a bar (go ahead, say it) and I was facing out the window so baby K could watch the car lights, pretty subtle. No one would have known except one of the guys kept asking and asking what I was doing. We got a kick out of telling him.

I flashed my share of nip as an inexperienced breastfeeder. Once was in a church at a wedding, and note to any partners up there - when your new breastfeeder worries aloud about whether she's flashed his friends, the correct response is "I don't think they saw anything" regardless of the truth. I flashed a bunch of high school guys once, outside of Cafe Borronne, I really don't think they were bothered. That really wasn't my fault, remember when the baby randomly shoves his little hand up and pushes up your shirt, then stops eating without even telling you. Well, it was clearly his fault.

I fed my guys in front of my dad, on a plane (key to lack of screaming and crying), in my cube, in a restaurant, on a boat and with a goat. Get over it already. Frankly I don't think a women needs an excuse to feed her baby whenever and wherever and however she needs to (e.g. how good it is for babies and mommies, how natural it is, how hungry the baby it, etc.).

I'm not sure what all the hubub is about. Not that I've been actively seeking out mommies breastfeeding in, gasp, public, but in my entire life, I've seen exactly two women who flashed a significant amount of boobage when nursing their little buggers. Once was at a music festival, where a women was wearing a men's tank top for easy access, so it really wasn't the baby's fault - and anything goes here, right? And there was the braless woman at the farmer's market...when I saw her I thought, is this what people are complaining about? It was pretty out there, but I mean we were outside with kids frolicking by a fountain, how much more earthy can you get?

For more of my breastfeeding blathering he's an old post I wrote over on Silicon Valley Moms.

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  1. Yes!! We moms matter. If the Soccer Mom vote was important, the Breastfeeding Mom's vote will be important. And trust me, businessflok, we vote with our wallets. If you kick us out for feeding our babies, we won't come back when the baby is weaned, either.