Wednesday, September 26, 2007

News from the NY Times - do your kids need a laptop?

I signed up to get alerts from the NY Times, but for some reason I'm only on mailing lists for fashion tips and Iraq war news, not high on my priority list.

However, someone on a local moms club posted some interesting articles recently.

Here we've got the $100 (eventually) laptop invented by some folks from MIT (my alma mater) to spread technology to the third world. I remember when I first heard about the development, and while it's now come to fruition, seems they are not getting it out like they wanted. So the deal is, you buy one for your own kid (or to donate) and they will send one to another child. Very cool (there was a shoe seller that did the same thing, but the name escapes me now). I love the fact that they were so worried about negative web postings (do kids that young really have blogs?) that they did focus groups. My dad runs a non-profit called "Computers for Everyone" so this is sorta close to my heart, although his is more about providing recycled computers.

And on a lighter note, it's the cupcake controversy! Hee Hee. Me loves cupcakes, although I've never been to one of the new gourmet shops. Love bringing them to preschool parties, and I'm glad to hear our school still allows them.

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