Friday, September 28, 2007

Everything's better with good coffee

After reading about Wiis at Marshalls for $199 (I once again failed to remember the blog), I scooted on over (okay, like a week later and after looking up more information) to a nearby Marshalls to see if I could score a new Wii. This is pretty silly, considering I never planned to buy one and it's only $50 off, but I always crave that showoff factor.

Nothing there, but the store was conveniently right across the street from my favorite ever coffee shop. The whole place seems changed, but same good coffee and relaxed atmosphere. This is the only place I know with "latte art" classes. Check out my cappuccino leaf above.

I was starting to feel a bit corporate here, what with the place full of techies and watching 5 people with funky ass haircuts and wild looking clothes come in, but seems it's mostly people working alone on their laptops now.

Excellent music, some odd coffee drink making contest going on, and hanging on a comfy couch. Work doesn't get much better than this.

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