Wednesday, September 12, 2007

iPod, uPod we all scream for iPod

Breaking news, breaking news - I got me an iPhone, and gee, I'm one of those people who got the cheaper price (and it seems one of the last 4GB phones). And oops, I guess the folks are upset, unlike VP Phil Schiller predicted in this interview with Larry Magid, who said he "was glad [he] didn't buy one for $200 more." Phil responded that "customers who've had their iPhones for a little while certainly have gotten a lot of use out of them and won't be too upset." Guess they were so upset Steve Jobs issued a letter that all impatient rich techies early adopterscould get a $100 Apple gift card. It's a win-win: they spend that money and probably more at an Apple store and the initial customers get, uh, to go shopping?. I guess the thought is they likely didn't spend all their $$ on the expensive iPhone, those buyers have plenty more to spare.

Side note - my son actually spilled the beans about the iPhone, but I was absolutely sure it was one of his normal fun four-year-old fabrications. . I even told my husband, and made it clear I certainly did not need, want, or expect an iPhone, who then rethought the whole gift and called his friend. Oops.
Brian: "I got her an iPhone and she said she doesn't want one. Should I still give it to her?"

Friend: "No" [aack!]
Brian: "Uh... why not?"

Friend: "Well, the battery only takes 300 charges, then you have to send it back and get a loaner during the two weeks while you wait for the phone. And the wireless is really really slow. You should really get her the iTouch when it comes out, same features without the phone.
So he pondered, and in his words, decided "I deserved it after putting up with him for 10 years." Thank you sweetie.

The iPod Touch is will actually be the same price (which, according to is the reason for the price drop, although there are other reasons proposed around the web ). But there was a slight problem with our friend's idea (besides the odd and slightly creepy name of iTouch), which is you can't get it for a month, what's that all about? I know, we must build up the anticipation, perhaps let trendsetters and executives use it first.

But I seriously need some now, and not because my anniversary was last week. We had a great idea to have a drawing for these off at a customer event. Who wants an to give away an "old" video iPod now? Not my sales guys, that's for sure. So now we're faced with handing our customer a certificate for a brand new iTouch, whoopee.


  1. I guess my iPod Nano with no video is out of date, only 6 months after I got it. Now I'm drooling over the new Nano's with video and the iPhone, of course. Just can't spend that much on a phone unfortunately. I hadn't heard about the iTouch yet - so many choices now, I'd better start saving up, LOL Congrats on your iPhone! :)

  2. I'm one of the people who paid $200 more and I am downright pissed! But I'm glad YOU at least benefited from the price drop! ;)

  3. I love the new technology, myself, but the iphone just seems like a little too much. I don't need all of the features. I don't need most of the features!