Thursday, September 6, 2007

10 Reasons for Our 10th Anniversary

Today is my husband's and my 10th anniversary. We got a big laugh when we met, telling everyone he was my analyst. He was actually my materials analyst, examining my samples, so to speak. Brian and I bonded over Seinfeld and I faked my way through several mountain biking discussions. One of the things that attracted me, besides his long hair and cute butt, was the fact that he actually had an answer to "What do you want to do?" or " Where do you want to eat?" Perhaps it's because I'd been dating guys my age or younger, but someone with an opinion was such a refreshing change. There are times these days when I wish he'd just let me make all the decisions, but I still appreciate that trait, even though it's definitely been trouble on occasion.

We've had blissful early years, struggling middle, and many ups and downs, and I am simply amazed and happy that the 10th year is upon us. I was debating trying to whip out some poetry for my dear husband, but frankly he is the poet in the household, even if he limits himself to one or two poems per year these days, all addressed to me. So instead I have come up with 10 reasons that I love my husband, one for each year.

  1. Lets start with the poetry. We're both engineers, but he combines his love of science with a love of music, art, poetry and literature, all areas I never had at the top of my list. He's decorated our house with photos, bought beautiful pieces and every year presents me with a poem framed or wrapped in a truly unique and delightful way. He really, really needs to write a blog.

  2. The way he brags shamelessly, unabashedly and excessively about me and the kids. He tells everyone that he knew kids would be great, but had no idea what a source of amusement and laugh out loud hilarity they would be. "It's like living in a sitcom." He has no clue why people are not beating down my door to hire me.

  3. His integrity, which reaches farther and wider than mine every would. He absolutely scoffed at the idea of returning wedding presents. He feels bad about not leaving that 5th or 6th message for clients who are perhaps not so easy to deal with, and who don't return calls or emails for months. He would never leave an item just anywhere in the grocery store (I draw the line at perishables, really) .

  4. If he feels a good connection with a friend, he will keep in touch with that person no matter how far away they live- with Christmas cards, phone calls, emails and, before the busy married and kid life took over, actual letters to them, several times a year.

  5. He's really strong. Anyone need help lifting a dresser? And he never orders a salad for an entree.

  6. He can act like a total kid, sometimes to my utter embarrassment in a restaurant, and almost nothing embarrasses him. His favorite shirts are the one with photos of the kids. But as a coach and a parent, he completely understands his role is not a "friend."

  7. He's an avid, shall we say excessive, photographer, which lets me off the hook. He can spot a good photo from hundreds and has taken thousands of the kids. We met when I hired him to take SEM photos of my materials, so sexy.

  8. He's going to keep this family in shape, no matter how much we love chocolate and TV.

  9. He loves me unconditionally and no matter how bad things got, would never dream of leaving.

  10. He never leaves or goes to sleep without a kiss. And he makes me laugh. And he admits when he's wrong. I think there might be more than 10.

I'm giong to print this out and include it with this framed collageI made. I've got pictures of me for him as well :)


  1. Congrats!! Great photos and reasons :) Admits when he's wrong is a big one! :)

  2. Wow! He sounds amazing, as do you for putting up with some of his antics! LOL :D Congrats!

  3. I loved this...he sounds like a great guy :) Cheers to your 10th!

  4. Congrats on your anniversary! What a wonderful tribute to your husband and marriage.

  5. Sounds like a match made in heaven! Congratulations to you both on the 10th anniversary of your wonderful marriage! :)

  6. We just celebrated our 10th anniversary too! Congratulations! 10 years sound forever doesn't it - but wow, do the years fly by.
    Hope you two had a great day!

  7. He sounds like a gem, and you sounds like a wonderful couple altogether. Congratulations!