Thursday, September 6, 2007

8 Random Things About, Well, Who Else?

I've been tagged again, thanks to Self-Made Mom - a fellow WOTHM (work outside the house mommy :), but then I REALLY have to get back to a more regular posts.

So I'm supposed to say 8 random things, and from what I've seen on the blogosphere for this here meme, it can be 8 things from today or from oh so long ago.
  1. I went to the same college as my mom and dad, and then into the same field. I have no mind of my own I guess.

  2. Both my husband, and I, and our fertility doctor have the same degrees - clearly none of us are actually using them.

  3. I come from one of the least athletic, most anti-professional sports family ever (my dad throws the sports section away before bringing in the paper) and married a sports fanatic who wanted to be a professional soccer player growing up.

  4. I've broken only one bone in my life, slipping off a curb coming home from my first honeymoon - my mom and sister are klutzes too.

  5. I went to foot clinic to figure out my correct foot size, threw out all the shoes that were the wrong size, bought the correct size (5 1/2 C) then gained a full size with the pregnancies and had to start all over. Okay, that's boring, not random.

  6. I never try anything on until I get home than do my best to return it. Bad habit from my mom who had my dad do all her returning for her. I have some stuff that really old I never returned.

  7. I'm obsessed with vacuum cleaners even though I hate vacuuming. Just bought a new one today and have two steam cleaners, two roombas, and regular vacuum in storage. The first step is admitting the problem.

  8. I met my first husband the very first night of college, joining in with a group stuffing a dorm room full of paper. I probably should have dated more.
Oh gosh, must now tag people. This feels like a chain letter, but then who doesn't love links, eh?
  • I'm sure lots of you have done it, but consider all of Mayas Mom tagged.

  • Glennia at The Silent I, SV Moms, Kimchi Mamas - what a byootiful writer she is, not to mention fall on the floor funny

  • Carver at Carver's Site or is that Sight - I literally just found her today through my comments and she's got stunning photographs, and I liked her last meme post.
That adds up to eight, doesn't it?

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