Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Signs I should spend more time organizing

Okay, I'm late here, with these sort-of memes I so wanted to do, as I love to talk about myself and this gives me total permission to do so. Can I say once you see the photos in this post you'll understand that my procrastination just goes hand in hand with my messy, messy life. I've posted photos of my messy house, now onto the rest of my life. The hilarious Her Bad Mother, like eons ago in bloggy time, asked what was in our bags (purse is not my favorite word, but I like it way better than pocketbook, which is what my grandma carried, or handbag) while the lovely and hard-working Self-Made Mom wants to know about our office. So onto the photo displays. I think the common theme one might notice, besides the fact that I have TOO MUCH STUFF, is I really have no separation of my personal and professional life, hmm...

  1. The checkbook, which I didn't have for so long I have no clue where any of my 4 covers are.
  2. Childcare bills to send for reimbursement
  3. Phones from hell - 2nd one from eBay which still doesn't work, the other with a non-working screen which caused me to find out I bought roadside assistance instead of insurance-gah!
  4. Make-up to look purty, in case I ever remember to put it on
  5. Boy toys, which the kids will scoff at since they want the motorcycle or whatever I don't have.
  6. Cool business card holder giveaway
  7. PTA and other money and time sucking forms to fill out.
  8. Free deodorant and tea from blogher, for emergencies?
  9. "These are yours mom" make up thingies handed to me as my son rifled through the back-to-school stuff.
  10. Sweet make-up bag also from The Motherhood at Blogher
  11. Ipod, pens, camera download wire, comb, gum (for fresh breath, teeth brushing, and bribing kids)
  12. Wallet, with three dollars and 65 receipts
  13. Batteries, to recycle or new, not really sure
  14. Freebies from YMCA, sunscreen and chapstick, very useful crap
  15. ANOTHER camera wire, where the heck is my iPod one?

And no, I did not show the random kleenex, business cards and receipts floating around.


On to my office. At home I work on the couch, so my desk at work is a haven of efficiency, NOT.

My only neat drawer, as it contains the giveaways. I've conveniently left a key so that the business managers can come by and ask me to get stuff for them cuz they are like 4 years old.

And here's my illegal shelf with family photos, shh! (safety thing, nothing against family photos here).

Stuffed gorilla our CEO decided the company could not sell after all, so they gave them out to the marketing group (it says "Hi, I'm your 800 lb Gorilla" in an attempt to make fun of ourselves ala Al Gore on South Park. Note for future, this company does not like to make fun of itself).

Computer bag containing one computer, one notebook for work
and 8 folders containing kids' school stuff. And of course the all important snack drawer, which has become more of a junk drawer. Seriously, I keep almost everything I use day to day on my computer, so why are all my drawers to full?

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  1. Thanks for humoring me. I will never never undertand the power of tchoktke. Never.