Monday, August 13, 2007

More Working Mom Confessions, Now Ala-mode

Okay, the kids are at their grandparents, I'm on my second glass of wine, about to watch Entourage after my loud husband gets off the phone. Perfect setting for this blog post, no? And see if you can spot the untruth in the bunch.
  1. Sometimes I tell my kids that if we go swimming after we get home there's not time to watch a movie. And I secretly hope they pick the movie.

  2. On that note, however, I've finally had a pre-kid (or maybe pre-baby) judgment come back to bite me on the ass. I used to quietly become aghast at parents who let their little kids play in the hot tubs, yeesh. Now that my older son has finally realized he will not "cook like hamburger" if he gets a bit of hot water on him, our evening "swim" has become an evening soak in the hot tub.

  3. I've said it before, I sometimes just claim I have to work late when my husband is able to pick up the kids to avoid that dinner/playtime/bedtime crunch that can stress me out.

  4. When I don't have the luxury of relaxing with a glass of wine, I have been down to chug directly from the wine or Baileys bottle after ducking into the kitchen for a moment. And frankly I'd have a puff or two if I had any idea how to "score." (I do however know how to relax in other ways, that do not include wine, drugs, or yelling at the kids).

  5. I sometimes wish I could just fast forward through the next 5 months, heading straight to the age of 4, skipping the "getting used to kindergarten" period, not having to nag my husband to finish the damn taxes. Of course I would miss K's birthday and Christmas, and even more importantly the slim change I have for a business trip to Hawaii in December.

  6. When I hear a screaming or crying child in the apartment I figure the parent must be doing something wrong.

  7. When I buy stuff to cheer myself up, I comfort myself that at least it's not unhealthy, and when I eat chocolate and ice cream, well, at least I'm not spending too much money, right? Mmm...McDonald's hot fudge sundaes are only a dollar and make a great between-meeting snack.

  8. I do, I humbly admit, occasionally get envious of SAHMs, who may work hard, but I swear are mostly just reading book and eating bonbons whilst their kids frolic in the park, right?

  9. I could get a lot more sleep if I just cut down on reading, watching TV and, uh, reading and writing blogs.

  10. I laughed heartily and told several people about the spelling of this name...Xzavyr.

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  1. I absolutely love it when people share, honestly, the ways they really deal with life. I read in some recent academic research (NOT for pleasure, for work. I won't pretend that I read peer-reviewed journals for fun!) that people are most attracted to others who share intimate and emotional secrets. Thus, you'd think we'd do this far more often than we do. But there's always the fear that we ourselves are actually deficient and everyone else is "normal," and not actually hiding the same things we are.

    The truth: no matter how you feel or what you do, there is someone like you. They might not work in your office or live on your block but they definitely exist. The internet dramatically increases our chance of finding those who can understand/sympathize for any situation we find ourselves in. However, we have to know how to use it! Check out to see some incredible honesty and a lot of people supporting each other in some major challenges and some major joys. This site makes me cry regularly and always makes me feel like I'm in a commumnity--even if I'm sitting in a room alone!

    Thanks for the incredible post. It was inspiring :)