Friday, August 17, 2007

Random Green Thoughts

Ikea may be selling bags to get more people to save the landfills by bringing their own, but they put three giant labels on each tiny little animal they sell. I still LOVE Ikea, don't get me wrong - 60 fish, squid and sharks for $6.00, can't beat that for the last day of preschool. I produced half a bag of "trash" from taking all the tags and cardboard from my purchases.

Sort of defeats the purpose of using low flow toilets if you make the flushing buttons so much fun the kids like to push them five times a pee. And I'm still learning just the right pressure to get the thing to work the first time.

What my big-ass corporation has done to "go green"

  • Replaced regular shuttles with on-demand hybrid SUVs - good
  • Went into Solar business - can you say awards and stock boost? - good in a "lucky" sort of way
  • Turns off A/C and dims lights during black-out periods - uncomfortable, but good
  • Bought completely useless plastic mugs for everyone, which make the coffee taste funny and have a lid but can't it in a cup holder. Come on, I think most people already have mugs who would have used these. - bad

My new apartment has a recycling bin for bottles and for newspapers, but not for cardboard or paper, what's up with that. My husband wants us to load the stuff in the car to recycle it.

It's all well and good to use cloth bags at the grocery, but what do you put in your kitchen trash can?

If you want to stop drinking bottled water, move to a city with yummy tap water. Just one more benefit of my new place.

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  1. LOL! I know that taste! It isn't very good, and you're right, the coffee just isn't quite right.