Thursday, August 30, 2007


It's amazing what I can get done if you leave work early, it's house cleaner day and I pick up my younger kid last (otherwise he wants to stay and play at the most excellent kindergarten play structure). Here's my evening from yesterday:
  1. Ran into a bit of traffic, but managed to get both kids home by about 5:40pm, whew.
  2. Made spaghetti (or whole wheat cool shaped noodles), meatballs (note meatballs cooked in sauce taste better but fall apart) and broccoli
  3. Walked dogs, took out trash, set up playdate for later that evening
  4. Got K started on bionicle masterpiece while dinner was cooling
  5. Negotiated bionicle battle with little brother and successfully avoided giving into his chocolate milk begging
  6. Served up dinner (is eating while building better than eating with TV?). K ate nearly 5 noodles, a meatball and one broccoli piece, D ate 2 noodles :)
  7. Drank wine, ate dinner, helped find key pieces
  8. Cleaned up dinner, kept kids from maiming each other
  9. Tracked down wandering playdate and let the boys go wild (whoop! we've now got a kindergarten friend with a nice mommy and daddy who are moving across the street from us)
  10. Observed the bunk bed pillow and stuffed animal throwing battle and other boy-play
  11. Came downstairs to find daddy, said good-bye to playdate, finished bionicle building with a modicum of whining
  12. Got daddy to put jammies on kids after soccer game
  13. Read books, kids asleep in record time due to being up past their bedtime watching soccer
  14. Made marble cake and oatmeal-peanut butter cup cookies for camping trip
  15. In bed before midnight!

Fascinating, ain't it?


  1. Wow! You got a lot done, and the cake looks delicious too :)

  2. Wow, you are an impressive woman!

    Funny side note...Before I read your entry and I looked at the "MMMm, Cake" title with the photo I thought it was gonna be a disaster story. This is because on my monitor your cake picture looks GREEN! I thought to myself; Oh man what did this chick do to her poor defenseless dessert!

  3. Your productivity puts me to shame!