Monday, August 27, 2007

Dinosaur Magic and My Sweetie-pie Boys

We've got this great book called Dinosaur Roar, excellent pictures of colorful dinosaurs and my kids actually arguing over getting to "read" it to us. We have had this book for at least 6 months, and when the kids actually asked daddy to read it the other night he discovered a new page - "Dinosaur Short...Dinosaur Very Very Long." Then they let me read it the next night, and what do I find - two more pages! I mean it's a board book, so I know the pages stick, but we've been reading it for months. It was truly a miracle, brand new pages for our viewing pleasure. Dinosaur Sweet, Dinosaur Grumpy, the fun never ends. Tonight when my son "read" it he kept saying "look mommy, a new page!" Wonder how long he'll keep that up.

*No, my three and four year olds can't really read, they've just memorized the words.


Your little kid may be a genius, but mine can eat an entire mint-chocolate chip ice cream cone without getting a single drop on his face. Even mom and dad can't do that. Big party at Mountain View Baskin Robbins tonight - support the MVEF.


Wow Wow Wubzzy's my favorite kids show of the week, even though it's another of these odd shows where everyone acts like a kid but owns their own house. Tonight the kids were singing the chorus from "The Cool Guy Song" (actually called Mr. Cool):

Say it loud
Say it proud
Be yourself
And stand out from the crowd

Don’t forget the golden rule
Be yourself and you’ll be cool
Just be yourself and you’ll be cool
Then K explained what the song meant...
"I'm cool about running, D's cool about...[long pause while he thinks]...carrying things, and you're cool about kissing us."

My heart just melted.


  1. I love it when they find a book they really love!!

  2. Hey-

    Thanks for checking out my blog... and I've been enjoying yours, too! Hope we can continue to read each others' [war] stories.

    Warmest Regards-

    Kathy from BalancedMommy

  3. So sweet... cool about kissing them. That is adorable. By the way, my kids might be reading your blog, so please make it G rated. Just kidding. But at the same time, you just wrote about your kids being stronger than you... well, in the last 2 days my 3 yr old is not over-powering me. Literally he had me in a headlock today trying to get me to go outside and play in the sandbox instead of dinner. How did he pull that off, he tricked me by telling me he had to hug me. How is that for genius.