Tuesday, August 7, 2007

A Day at the Fair

County Fair
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We had a rip-roaring, okay pleasantly minimal temper-trantrum time at the Santa Clara County Fair on Sunday. It's likely going to be the last year for this big old event so I was happy that I got to take the kids. I relived a bit of my childhood, and I think that's why my parents took me. We did have brief fantasies about moving to a farm or joining the 4H club, but the reality is we were a lot more familiar with these kinds of rides and games than the old fashioned and sometimes scarily old rides of the fair.

The kids had a blast, riding around on an "alligator" (dragon roller coaster), in jeeps and fire cars and even a pony. The "won" prizes, since we managed to find a game where we were the only participants, not only guarenteeing a win, but having a nice enough guy that gave both the kids stuffed toys. The mere fact that we were there on a Sunday afternoon with no crowds to speak off (longest line was the ice cream, which took a full 4 minutes), speaks volumes as to why the fair hasn't made money in years.

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