Sunday, August 5, 2007

But will the magic of Harry Potter also make him sleep?

We've hit two milestones in one night, I am so excited. After all hoopla about this series that's been going on for what, 5, 8, no 10 years, seriously, where have a I been? Well, without kids or a taste for fantasy, if I were to be completely honest. Anywho, my son came home with a pretty ratty copy of the 1st Harry Potter book courtesy of my mom. We can attribute the start of our foray into this series to my brother's Harry Potter party at his store, where he had a cake and everything, even extra, non-reserved, books. My parents had to babysit his kids, since the party started at midnight, so they took my kids up to the house as well.

They are saving a nice new edition of book 2, I think, not that'd I'd care about the condition, it's just fer readin', right? But they sent K home with this first one for me to read to him each night. I've been really looking forward to reading him a bigger book each night, as I clearly remember my dad reading Hawaii to us kids, although I had to remind him of this. My younger son is clearly not ready for this. He keeps asking where the pictures are and grabbing and closing the book, frustrating but unfortunately normal three-year-old behaviour. And while the older one does sit and listen, he's easily distracted, and constantly points out the most exciting page in the book, one near the end with the cool picture of book #2's cover.

This has become a nice end to our night, as I read several pages after we're done with the picture books. And a couple times the book will put K right to sleep on the couch. Now I'm looking for a way to convince him to listen after he's already in bed. That is my ultimate luxery, reading in bed - what is wrong with this kid?


  1. I cannot wait to start reading the series to my little guy!

  2. I'm a huge fan of these books and can't wait until my little one is old enough to have me read them to her. I hope you and your sons enjoy reading them together! Just an FYI (which you've probably already heard from your brother): some of the later books get kind of dark. Something to keep in mind.

  3. My 3 year old wants me to read them to her..but, she only lasts for a paragraph or so right now!