Thursday, July 26, 2007

Wii Wii

I’m spoiled, I know. I got to follow my kid-free Saturday (my mom-brain thought the party was Saturday) with a very cool Sunday thanks to Nintendo and the lovely Citymama, who hosted a Wii party for moms at her house. Being the frugal working mom with two kids, I really only buy things for a couple reasons. They either have to make me happy, or make other people envious. Is that wrong? I’m not quite sure where cheese sticks and diapers fall, but the Wii totally satisfies both of these just a tiny bit selfish reasons. Alas I am still too cheap to get one, but I did have a total blast playing. Almost as good as the games were the yummy food and Mojitos – mmm! If you don’t count Tetris or a bowling alley video game, the last game I played that I remember very well was probably Ms. Pacman,. We did not grow up with many video games (free National Semiconductor console for Pong, anyone?) and I try to treat the newest generation of video games like “real” ice cream. I don’t need it, it’s no better than frozen yogurt – complete denial in other words.

But these games were really fun. You got to stand up and bowl/golf/dance/blast away at targets, etc. Bummed I didn’t get to play boxing. They even had some more educational games, which I totally sucked at but was clearly set up, playing against someone who actually owned a Wii. If I do ever buy one I’m afraid I’d get addicted and I’d be completely torn between hiding them from my kids and wanting to see them boogie along to Britney Spears or try their hand at golf without having to find a course. Call me naïve, but just the fact that you get to be a person now on screen, rather than just “Player 1” is super cool. I think these are probably better for the kids that watching Ice Age and Cars over and over again. On the other hand, the kids would definitely choose swimming or the park over TV. I’m not sure I could say the same about the Wii.

I tried my new remote, but it doesn’t work on anything in my house, so I’ll have to find some deserving Wii-owner who can use it.

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  1. I'm waiting for someone I know to get a Wii so I can try it out. :) I keep hearing how fun they are. I think it's the first kind of video gaming system that I might actually consider buying!