Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Wacky Family

You know you're family is a bit odd when these are your plans for the hours between park and bed.
  • Mommy goes potty

  • K gets to use the Oxy spray on his shirt

  • Walk the dogs

  • D cries for one reason or another

  • Each chicken nuggets

  • Play Perfection

The crying ended up occuring before the dogs. D hit K, K cried, D got a timeout and screamed he wasn't crying as he melted into tears. Poor guy, he's way too predictable.

I think I need to rectify the fact that I had to negotiate being able to pee before we embarked on our exciting evening. I of course had an audience, but at least got to go.

Funniest line of the evening from K as he was exitedly spraying his shirt (what is wrong with that kid?). "So I can be as clean as a bird." WTF? A bird?

Anyone else have this problem with their husband? He jokes around about kicking and punching, eating innapropriate things, and then is totally surprised when the kids don't understand right vs. wrong kicking? Tonight the "threat" was if you drop one more Perfection piece on the floor you'll have to eat it. Five minutes later he told them if someone put one more piece in their mouth he was taking the game away. "But that's what you told us to do" was smartypants response, but he was serious.

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  1. OMG - my husband says the same thing!!! YOu would think that after a few times of them saying something that comes back to bite them in the arse, they would learn!