Saturday, July 21, 2007

Me in 10 seconds

Can't wait to meet everyone at Blogher. I'm a relative newbie and all the blogging chicks sound totally cool. Mocha Momma proposed this 10 second intro and I just lurve to talk about myself. You too can play here or at BlogHer.

I grew up in sunny California, went to college back east, got married, divorced, and headed back to the best weather in the world. I'm a high-tech wannabe mommy blogger, but my real job is in hardware marketing, way from down the supply chain from Web 2.0. (I'm so looking forward to better swag than you get at B2B conferences.) My current fantasy is to work part-time at a very cool job with happy people. My ultimate fantasy would be to go back to school for a couple more degrees. But really, I do love hanging with the kiddos and hubby, it's right up there with good TV and web-browsing.


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  1. Dang, I've been 'meeting' a lot of Californians lately. It's like you've all come out of the woodwork. I love it!

    Thanks for playing! Say hi to me in Chicago. ;-)