Monday, July 9, 2007

Family Fun at the All Star Fun Fest

Train Tickets $16
Four Fan Fest Tickets Won on Mayasmom!
Guy at Mastercard booth giving both my boys prizes with only one winning ticket Priceless

Sure, we're a soccer family, but my sports-obsessed husband still probably knows more about baseball than your casual fan, so we jumped at the chance to win tickets to the All Star Fan Fest from MayasMom. Thanks guys. I thought it would be fun for the kids. We decided to go up there Sunday evening. Sure, the kids had just been to a birthday party and were napless, but we could always go again. I was worried that since it's the week before Semicon (which ironically is also at the Moscone center) work might get in the way of weekday plans. Okay, okay, enough about my tedious life.

We took the train up, fun for the kids even though one asked at each step if we were getting off. We braved the SF weather and walked the six blocks to the event, just one pit stop at a giant Whole Foods. Skipping over the free Dryers ice cream (no food or drink in side so we were hoping they'd still be there when we left), we walked in about 5pm. The first thing that caught their eye was the cool baseball and other shapes whooshing around the floor and walls. I think the kids would have been thrilled just to jump on these, but of course we had to take a photo in front of the giant baseball. We made our way through the expensive signed sea of balls, the kids fondling some hundred dollar autographed bats before we whisked them away to the shortest line we could fine, the big catch. They provide jerseys (no As or Dodgers surprisingly enough) and you walk away with a cute souvenir photograph. Don't we look like we're really making a great save?

Then it's upstairs where we skipped over the Jeopardy game to try to steal home. Watch mommy smoke her kids. My husband gave me a hard time, but what's the point of bootcamp if I can't show off? Anyway, the kids insisted they won so figure it's all a wash. As you can imagine, this line moved fast so we did it twice and walked away with cool posters.

Determined not to spend any money, we snagged free drink and peach samples before heading down to grab our cards for swiping. With four cards we were bound to win, but alas only K won something. The sweet guy at the MC clubhouse was nice enough to give each kid a ball and the smallest T-shirt they had.

On the way out we picked the kids up to take these pictures, aren't they cute? I know, they aren't looking the right way. Okay, I would have no idea which way to look, but my husband commented on the fact the one kid was looking the right way while his mom kept telling him to turn his head.
I think our more baseball obsessed friends (who made a killing on their All Star game tickets) probably got more out of this, we had a really great time. Only one minor injury, when my hyperactive kid was getting impatient with daddy taking WAY too long to estimate the # of balls in a big container, and knocked a sign over on my head. I'll let you know if we win whatever that prize was.


  1. That was super cute. I loved you smoking the kids in the race. Every now & then, Mommy deserves to be the winner. Your kids look so happy. Frankly, I don't like baseball... but that sure looked fun! Wish we were there & had won tickets too!

  2. I'm so glad that you had a great time. When I saw that you made it into the finals for the contest, I voted like hell for ya!

    Great update! And the kids looked like they had a great time, even if they had to run in their mom's dust.