Wednesday, July 11, 2007

An Eggcellent Birthday Dinner

Did the "formal" celebratory dinner last night. I wanted to check out my new downtown and found what seems to be the only Indonesian restaurant in the bay area. My mom went a little crazy looking for kid-friendly food and ordered these deep friend hard-boiled eggs, which are exactly what they sound like. We asked for them without the spicy chili sauce, but of course none of the kids would actually eat them. D as usual ate nothing, barring a taste of Thai Ice Tea which resulted in the "eeww" face. My nephew down about 1 1/2 orders of steamed rice and they did love the shrimp chips. K did eat the "chicken nuggets" (there were like three different versions of "Indonesian friend chicken" and true to form the high recommended fish steamed in a banana leaf was excellent - super spicy as well. I got a $39 gift certificate from Starbucks, a new travel coffee mug that says "Listen to the Woman" recommended by a soccer mom (it's her motto) my husband knows (he trains her highly talented son) and about a month ago I got my big gift. We came home and had ice cream cake, nummy. Below is grandpa and two of his grandsons, in their latest favorite pose.

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