Friday, June 8, 2007

Will tomorrow never come?

Is that tomorrow or tommorrow, I swear I can never spell that word. Turns out neither can Hillary Clinton's entourage. I completely missed the fact that this event was happening, but Senator Clinton included a speech at my very own place of business to the SVLG's CEO Business Summit during her campaign tour of the bay area. I actually first read about this on Glennia's blog. Take a look at the photo of CEO Mike Splinter and Ms Clinton. I'm proud to say it was not my company that misspelled the word.

According to Vindu's View from the Valley she's Silicon Valley's new best friend, or she will be if elected president with her "innovation agenda" which includes lots of dough for technology R&D among other things.

Spelling mistakes and promised funding aside, I am just super thrilled an accomplished and powerful women is in the running. I think she' d make a great president, ironically following in George W's footsteps of keeping it in the family. (Have you seen the new commercial, excuse me, PSA, with Bill and George Sr.? I swear that weirds me out, although it turns out they've done this numerous times, which I was obviously buried in diapers or something).

(Photo of Clinton with Applied Materials CEO Mike Splinter courtesy of Applied Materials)

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