Thursday, June 7, 2007

Why does Dad Rock!

It's the MayasMom Dad Rocks contest - so why does my husband rock as a dad? He simply LOVES being a dad.

We tried, and tried and tried to get pregnant with our first little munchkin. Just a short four years later there he was. During the pregnancy my husband got the book "She's having a baby and I'm having a breakdown" and, except for bringing me jewelry as a birth gift :) really took it to heart. The first two weeks he scattered bottles of water all around so they would always be in reach, made me breakfast every morning, took a lot of time off to take care of us.

Now amost 5 years and one more baby later, he's been to more "mommy and me" classes than mommy ever has, talks about the kids endlessly to random strangers, never shied away from poopy diapers, takes enough photos to fill a houes and could not imagine life without them. He takes them out to play soccer, he takes them out ChuckECheese and MickeyDs when mom's away, and jokes around until their tears turn to laughter...and that is why Dad Rocks.

Thanks MayasMom!


  1. So cute. I like your husband already. He does rock!

  2. Ahhh, such a sweet post and how lucky you are to have a great guy in your life!

    Just doing a BlogHer tour and noticed you are going. Welcome to the craziness. :=)